About us

About Himalayan Plywood ::

Himalayan Plywood is incorporated to impart quality plywood & related products to customers & resellers all over Siliguri & Bengal with a prior commitment to excellence.

We strive to provide you with competitive advantage in searching for, and buying quality plywood products with clear demonstration of the thickness, size, and other features related in making a purchase decision.

Himalayan Plywood basically aims at giving you highest quality plywood (Raw & Finished Products) at competitive prices, with a complete natural aspect of the products.

Vision, Mission & Value ::

Vision Statement ::

To be Premier Organisation providing Quality Plywood Products (Both Raw & Finished)
In Siliguri & Bengal.

Mission Statement ::

  • To provide quality plywood products.
  • To serve society through excellence in plywood trading.
  • We aim to define, continually refine the absolute standard of excellence in area of plywood trading through the efficiency of our methodologies and system.
  • Truthfulness towards our customers, resellers, & other distributors throughout Siliguri, Bengal & India.

Values ::

Integrity, truth and responsibility.
Always Supply of High Quality Plywood Products.

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